The Girl power spice- by anita



Her soul is awake, cleansed by the heavenly dreams confronted from the night prior.

With her bare feet,she walks she prepares to wash…

for she’s aware of sin committed without her knowledge on her path of sleep. 

Unwrapping to wash,she says a short and sweet prayer- for her Lord’s praises 

are always on her lips.

Inside her lengthy brown lacy skirt swaying;

like a swan she strolls, curves so enticing calls for adoration.

Face so tranquil absorbs all nature’s creation.

Mature touch she has, invigorating from top to bottom, aligning situations at home and elsewhere.

Wisdom of her words is a gracious appetite to wise men-

but only scorned by fools.

she is not a shii taker…her motto…remains

To dominate,to conquer…to achieve her dreams… maximize her potentials

Energy within her is Power reflected on the surface,

From a bloomy face to non pareil garments she’s remarkable.

Blow and burst on, keeping your head up high

And be a classic role model to other ladies..

Wear an electrifying strength not known to the ordinary.

*The ‘girl power’ spice*. 

Ff @anita_briee90


3 thoughts on “The Girl power spice- by anita

  1. Anita dearie! Dis is really expository! I jst caught a “RHEMA” and now I am more proud to be a woman and I’ll go out each day wit confidence nd strength! Keep up d good work!

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