Happy democracy day?

Happy democracy day??….there is nothing glorifiable about the current situation in Nigeria and for the last 10yrs 4 that matter.May 29 tagged Democracy Day will continue to be for those in Aso Rock, State Government Houses, their family members, Government Officials and their beneficiaries and not for all Nigerians.We cannot celebrate a day which marks 10years of Human wrongs. We cannot celebrate a government that has no focus and no plans for the society.A country where the rich gets richer..and the poor gets poorer.naij sha…#painment


One thought on “Happy democracy day?

  1. Apparently,I bliv thrs absolutely nofn to celebrate.I dnt fnk thrs democracy in nig,mayb an autocratic govt or even totalitarianism,pathetic. I just bliv n pray dt tns get beta.its a tym for sober reflection.ler us standup and change nig it begins with u.this is a clarion call.May the Almighty God forgive our rulets for their shortcomings,eg,corruptio.nice blog n blogger.

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